Sold… “Can’t Thank You Enough” – This Is Why We Are Real Estate Agents

Occasionally I am asked, “Why’d you get into real estate?” When I first earned my license in my early 20s, if I answered that question truthfully I would have said something along the lines, “I love real estate and I want to make money. ” And early on, I did well financially. However, I didn’t find it very rewarding. I attribute this to my selfish approach — more focused on the numbers than the people I was hired to help. How time can change us. . .

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a distressed homeowner that needed to sell her family home on O’ahu. As you know, life is unpredictable and unfortunately this homeowner had experienced unexpected events in her life which made it financially impossible for her to keep the home.

Her situation was outside my expertise so I partnered with another agent in my company, Jaclyn Kanoelani Williams, who specializes in helping distressed sellers. Jaclyn and I quickly learned that our skillsets complimented each other well. Together, along with the seller, for the past six months, we all shared some high and low moments, but in the end . .  . success. The seller sold her home for a price higher than we initially expected. That was a thrill, but the highlight was receiving the message below from the seller the day after we closed.

Jaclyn and Bryan
“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for both of you. I am thankful that I came upon Bryan’s information, and that turned into the adventure we all experienced the past several months. It has been a journey for me filled with all sorts of emotions and challenges which spanned longer than 6 months. But now, at the end – it is bitter-sweet. Your professionalism, patience, attention to detail and compassion through this process was beyond my original expectations. Prior to meeting you both, the communication I had with others did not deliver results and certainly was not presented with understanding and compassion. Thank you for being AMAZING!
I experienced so many emotions when I received that email from Jaysie, I had to read it twice – was it truly final?  Unquestionably, the weight of the past year, the anxiety, fear, and sadness lifted. Along with my newly lifted spirit I reminisced of a time when I lived in the home, I have many wonderful memories in that house. I am elated that xxxxxxxx will be the owner – he will take care of the orange trees. (LOL) This has been a huge learning experience for me, I walk away with knowledge and hope. I am not sure if I will return to O’ahu to plant roots but one day I hope to own a home again – somewhere.
When I return to O’ahu for a visit I will definitely ring you both, I would love to personally extend my appreciation. Till then, my warmest thank you for all your assistance. Stay well, take care and may you be blessed with all the goodness that life has to offer.
My heartfelt MAHALO !”

Why are Jacky and I real estate agents? To help you achieve your real estate goals while always putting your interests first and using all of our skills to protect your interests.

So whether buying or selling real estate in Hawaii, contact either Jacky or myself. We are here to serve you and we’d love to see how we can be the most value to you.

Contact us: Bryan Vukelich (808 354-5772 or and Jaclyn Kanoelani Williams (808 255-5356 ).  

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