Hawaii Short Term Vacation Rental Lenders

When it comes to financing a short term vacation rental unit in Hawaii, things can get a bit tricky. So tricky, that it is not uncommon for mainland lenders to initially say they can finance a Hawaii short term vacation rental unit, but later realize they cannot. For this reason, although you are welcome to use any lender you desire, I highly recommend you use a lender who has experience financing short term vacation rentals in Hawaii.

Lenders For Short Term Vacation Rentals With Full Kitchen

For short term vacation rentals units with a full kitchen, in the current market, lenders will generally require a minimum down payment of 25-30%. However, at the time of this writing, American Savings Bank was only requiring a 20% down payment for certain Oahu vacation rental buildings if the unit has a full kitchen. Please note: financing for a short term vacation rental property on Oahu is building specific. I highly recommend you contact at least 2 lenders to see if they will lend on the building you are interested in, and to compare interest rates, loan fees, closing time, and down payment requirements. Below are some quality lenders*:

  • American Savings Bank: Carolyn Johiro: 808 348-4913 – cjohiro@asbhawaii.com
  • Greentree Financial: Kendall Naya: 808 754-9542 – kendall@greenkeymtg.com
  • C2 Financial: Troy Switzer: 808 489-6550 – troy@c2hawaii.com
  • First Hawaiian Bank: Paulette Suzuki: 808 371-4051 – psuzuki@fhb.com
  • Hawaii Mortgage Experts: Cary Chinn: 808 469-1314 – cary@emailhme.com

Here are some popular Oahu short term vacation rentals properties with a full kitchen:  Royal Garden at Waikiki,  Waikiki Banyan2465 Kuhio At WaikikiWaikiki SunsetIlikai MarinaPacific Monarch. IlikaiBeach Villas At Ko’olinaWaikiki Beach TowerOcean Villas at Turtle Bay, Marine Surf

Lenders For Short Term Vacation Rentals Without Full Kitchen

Since short term vacation rentals units with kitchenettes appeal to a smaller pool of buyers, and that some buildings have unique restrictions relating to units with kitchenettes, lenders view these short term vacation rentals as higher risk. Please note, these lenders* can also offer financing for primary residences.

  • Pineapple Mortgage: Jeremiah Blake: 808 321-4663 – jeremiah@mypineapplemortgage.com
  • Myers Capital: Reed Myers: 808 451-2983 – reed@myerscapital.com
  • HiVelocity: Stephanie Safholm: 808-388-6072 – stephanie@hivelocitymortgage.com
  • Finance Factors: Romeo “Romy” Anacan: 808 228-1089 – romeoa@financefactors.com

Here are some popular Oahu short term vacation rentals properties with a kitchenette::   Kuhio VillageAla Moana HotelAloha SurfHawaiian MonarchSeashore. Bamboo, Palms At Waikiki

*There are many quality lenders in Hawaii as well as the mainland. These are just some of the lenders I know or have had clients use.

If you have any questions about buying or selling short term vacation rentals on Oahu, or any other type of property, please never hesitate to contact me – 808 354-5772. I am here to serve you.

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