“Get To Know Oahu” Ep #2: Yakitori Hachibei – One Of The Best Restaurants In Hawaii

I was first introduced to Yakitori Hachibei when a member of my Meetup group, “Enjoying Life On O’ahu,” suggested I organize a group dinner there. And oh my, how grateful I am for her suggestion, as Yakitori Hachibei is now one of my most favorite restaurants. Not only on O’ahu, but in the world. Whichever menu items you order, you’ll realize that the co-owner and managing partner, Robert Yamazaki, and his staff take great care in providing tastefully unique dishes that are very high in quality. For these reasons, I had a desire to do an interview with Robert to learn the story behind Yakitori Hachibei, and what Robert enjoys most about living on O’ahu. Enjoy the video and enjoy Yakitori Hachibei . . . just save me a seat.

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