Video Experience of Waikiki During Covid-19

Downtown Waikiki with no people in the streets

Although I live in East O’ahu, I regularly go to Waikiki to surf one of my favorite breaks. Pre Covid-19 days, even though finding street parking was a drag, the surf was worth it plus I enjoyed people watching and checking out all the activity while making the walk to and from the beach. However, once it appeared that […]

Get To Know O’ahu Businesses Ep #1: Jim Franklin of Sunshine Arts

Lobby of Sunshine Art Gallery

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Franklin, the owner of Sunshine Arts, soon after moving to O’ahu. For over 20 years, he has owned, Sunshine Arts, a beautiful art gallery and framing shop in Kaneohe. Just last month, he opened a new gallery, Sunshine Arts Hawaii, in the retail area of the Waikiki Marriott. Representing over […]

Buying Your First Home On O’ahu? Here’s What You Need To Know

Front entrance of luxury home kahala oahu

I genuinely enjoy working with people who want to invest in a new home on O’ahu. And as a Realtor dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals, it’s always a pleasure to see you excited and happy when moving into a home that you’re thrilled to own. For this reason, I’ve been inspired […]

10 Things Best Not To Do (And 1 Must Do) When Visiting Hawai’i

Young man sitting on top of roof giving Shaka sign

With many days of sunshine, warm waters, great surf, awe-inspiring beauty, and much, much more, it is no wonder that the Hawaiian Islands attract millions of visitors each year. As a result, if planning a trip to visit Hawai’i and you want ideas on how to spend your time, you can find a plethora of […]

The 9th Island – Calling Las Vegas Home!

Top 10 Reasons You May Want To Move To Vegas LAS VEGAS!!! Why do so many of us Hawaii residents dream of, yearn for, and down right love Las Vegas? What is it about that place? While many just think of Las Vegas as a vacation destination more and more are calling it home. It […]

Why I Moved To O’ahu, Hawai’i

Why Did You Move To Hawai’i? That is a questions I’ve asked many people since moving here and a question I’ve answered many times. This is why I moved to Hawai’i. In the summer of 2017, I had no interest in moving to O’ahu, but I did want to finally fulfill a desire since childhood to […]

Best O’ahu Neighborhoods Pt 1: Aina Haina

Aina Haina . . . I love living in this relaxing and peaceful neighborhood and also saying the name. Sort of a playful cadence to it as it rolls off the tongue. Upon moving here, and first learning about the neighborhood, I was told “Aina” means “land” in Hawaiian, and “Haina” means “Hind.” Thus translated, Aina […]

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