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With limited inventory and high demand for housing on Oʻahu, it can be a challenge to find your dream home. For this reason, it is best that you partner with an experienced real estate agent who knows the market.

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Jaclyn and Bryan highly recommend you get pre-approved with your preferred lender.   

It is not uncommon for people to assume they can qualify of a higher amount of financing that they actually can.  

There are 2 types of property ownership in Hawaii, fee simple (FS) and leasehold (LH).

Fee simple is the most substantial type of property interest because it is the least limited. In simple terms, you own the land and the improvements on it. The owner of fee simple property holds a Deed and exclusive rights of possession and use. They have the right to sell the property, lease it, devise it, and mortgage it. It is the fullest form of ownership in which the owner does not have to worry about anyone else having future interest in the property, the owner has the exclusive right to occupy and enjoy the property, and the owner could potentially hold the property for an infinite amount of time. With this said, owning fee simple also comes with a hefty price tag. 
The owner of a leasehold has the right to possess the property for a certain period of time. They do not own the land, only the improvements on it, therefore the price of a leasehold is substantially less than buying fee simple. Instead of a Deed the purchaser receives an Assignment of Lease. The purchaser of a leasehold is considered a lessee and they hold what is called a leasehold or lease fee interest in the property. The lessee also pays lease rent to the lessor otherwise known as the owner of the fee simple interest in the property. When the leasehold term is up the lessor could decide to end the lease as was projected, or extend the lease, or offer up the fee simple interest for sale. 
In Hawaii, the value of owning land, otherwise known as owning fee simple far outweighs the benefits of owning a leasehold. However, with that said the attractive pricing of leaseholds may be a great fit for some in certain situations. E.g. a retiree with no heirs wishing to live out the rest of their lives in an oceanfront condo for a fraction of the price of purchasing one fee simple.  

Jaclyn and Bryan serve the entire island of O’ahu and will occasionally team up with another agent if they think it will benefit the client. For a client that needs assistance on another island, they will team up with one of the excellent Realtors they have a relationship with. Same applies to a client needing assistance on the mainland.

For Q1 of 2023, the average selling price for a single family home is about $980,000.

For a condominium on Oʻahu, the average selling price is about $460,000.

However, please note that there are many distinct areas and communities of Oʻahu and prices can vary significantly from one area to another.   

For more accurate information, please contact Jaclyn or Bryan.  

Jaclyn and Bryan always strive to find you the prefect home and will even solicit “off market” property owners to try and accomplish this goal.

However, due to low inventory, and the average age and condition of homes in Hawaiʻi, many buyers will compromise on some features and end up creating the “perfect home” once they are the new owners.  

When working with a buyer, we are paid a percentage of the listing fee that the seller agrees to pay at the time of listing the property.

Hawaii offers an array of public, charter, magnet, and private schooling options. There are a number of factors that schools are weighted on to determine their strengths whether that be academics, sports, arts, or special emphasis. To help you find a school that best fits your family here are some sites that may help:

Yes, there are risks.  Shoreline erosion, potentially rising sea levels, and new setback laws to name a few.  

Living in a oceanfront home in Hawaii is a dream come true for many people.  However, there are many things to know and consider before making the investment.  Contact Jaclyn or Bryan at any time to discuss in detail.

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